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04/ Culture

  • Work Towards Self Actualization
    Be passionate and driven in your work, relationships, and hobbies
  • Ask Forgiveness, Not Permission
    Hire smart people and get out of their way. Trust them and their decisions
  • Learn From One Other
    Everyone is a student; everyone is a teacher. No over-sized egos allowed
  • Love Your Job
    If you don't love what you're working on let's find something else for you to do
  • Everything is Possible
    There is no such thing as an unsolvable problem. We just make it happen.

05/ Benefits

  • Salary and Stock
    Choose a salary / stock compensation plan that suits your needs and goals
  • Health and Dental
    Subsidized nationwide health and dental insurance plans
  • Geographic Flexibility
    We have a no-policy vacation policy and flexible work-from-anywhere periods
  • We've Got Your Back
    Budgets for your workstation, education, and 3rd party services and solutions
  • Be Rewarded
    We celebrate hitting milestones with outings, trips, and other bonuses

06/ Satisfaction

  • Make an Immediate Impact
    We're flat, nimble, and quick. You'll work on top priorities from week one
  • You're Free to Make Decisions
    Seek forgiveness when things go wrong, not permission to drive us forward
  • Enjoy Your Coworkers
    We'll spend too much time together to not really, really like each other
  • Business and Tech Challenges Abound
    We have a portfolio of products and enterprise-grade systems powering them
  • This Business Has Legs
    We're growing fast and learning a lot. Come share in Burstworks' success